On the eleventh day of Christmas

On the eleventh day of Christmas it was hot. Hotter than the day before. So, as I planned, I didn’t go anywhere and spent the afternoon and evening in the air conditioned comfort of my home.

I spent most of the day reading. Like so many of my other friends, I have lost my reading mojo in the past few years. Probably due to study. I normally read non-fiction, biographies, travel stories etc and only have a handful of fictional authors I really like. I think Freya North, an English chick lit author is the only author who I have read all of their work and own them all.

Anyway, so my goal in 2014 is to read more and read more fiction. So I have started with Burial Rites by Hannah Kent. I read good reviews of this online last year from friends so I requested it for Christmas. So far it hasn’t disappointed me.

I still have not read all of the Harry Potter books so they will go on my list to read this year.

I also want to read Jasper Fforde’s books. I bought the first one years ago and never read it. Mr A read it and loved it and so we have all of his work now.

Tonight I read on Facebook a link to BuzzFeed’s 13 Best Australian Books Of 2013 so I think I will read some more of those. What other books do you suggest I add to my list of books to read in 2014? I am aiming to read at least 20 books.

One thought on “On the eleventh day of Christmas

  1. Brigid

    Hi Rachel! I am enjoying reading your blog! But sometimes I am a bit behind so I read 3 or 4 at once to catch up! Anyway, I highly recommend anything by Jeffrey Archer. They are older books, but a fantastic read. I couldn’t put any of them down. Are you enjoying Burial Rites? My sister is reading that at the moment and likes it.

    Hope you are all well and are surviving the heat. We will be back in Brisbane next week, so I will contact everyone for a catch up!

    B xx