Day 25 Blog June – What I did today (Mark III)

When you have got a good thing stick to it. Which is why I am continuing on with my Saturday tradition of a ‘What I did today’ post. So it is 7:07pm and I have done 10,342 steps. It doesn’t feel like I have. But I guess I did more walking than I thought.

  • No parkrun this morning as Mr A had to go out early for a penny farthing meeting. I am kind of glad as it was a cold morning.
  • Caught Miss A eating peanut butter from the jar while I was out of the room.
  • Did some washing (boring I know).
  • Miss A went to her grandparents while I went to my hair appointment. I have been growing my hair for about 9 months or so and it was long enough to tie back into a small pony tail. However, I had had enough and got it cut shorter again. It is still below my ears but it will be more manageable and looks fuller. I just can’t do long hair.
  • Did some shopping. Bought a few clothes for Miss A for her upcoming birthday. This is where I did the majority of today’s steps.
  • Had a relaxing coffee at home before Mr A and Miss A returned home.
  • Did more washing.
  • Made cake pops with some help from Miss A for her birthday party next week. I have put the cakes in the freezer until I decorate them next weekend. Decorating them when frozen is much easier anyway.
  • Had chinese takeaway for dinner.
  • Read Miss A One Woolly Wombat for tonight’s bedtime story. Tonight’s questions and comments included, why do things with 2 eyes need 2 legs? Why does Gran have a walker? Hedgehogs are very very spiky, and fingers are all different sizes. Her mind boggles me sometimes.
  • Writing this post then I have to go through the party supplies cupboard to see what still needs to be purchased for next weekend.
Cake pops in the making

Cake pops in the making.

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4 thoughts on “Day 25 Blog June – What I did today (Mark III)

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  4. Lisa Spencer

    I live in fear of the boys busting me eating peanut butter from the jar …off a knife. Im sure they’ve seen me!