Day 22 Blog June – Information overload

As an information professional I am trained to deal with information overload and reduce it’s impact on clients. However, sometimes information professionals can become victims of information overload ourselves.

This happens to me everytime I have to book accomodation, and this afternoon I was completely overwhelmed to the point I just gave up. A friend and I are having a child-free weekend in Sydney in a few months. She hasn’t been for about 10 years and I haven’t been for about 5 years. Added to that the last 3 or 4 times I went were for conferences and work booked and paid for my accomodation or else I chose a place near the conference venue. This time the whole city area to choose from.

The plethora of hotel accomodation booking sites all with their own information, not to mention the thousands of reviews leaves my head spinning and filled with doubt that I will select a total dump of a place, that is so unclean it will disgust me, with disengaged, unfriendly staff. Not that this has ever happened. Most of the places I have stayed at have been alright for what they are, location and budget wise.

Anyway, my friend and I are going to do more research over the next couple of days and sit down together on Friday night to book a place. Everything will work out fine. I know it will. Once I overcome my information overload.

One thought on “Day 22 Blog June – Information overload

  1. Alisa

    Booking accommodation can be a time consuming process. It begins with deciding on a few things – what you plan to do, what experience you want from the accommodation – left alone or attended to plus perks like a sauna, and your budget.
    What you plan to do will determine the area. Accommodation experience will determine whether you go AirBnB or a hotel or other accommodation. And your budget, well, goes without saying. The budget limits your choices.
    I tend to use and Trip Advisor. I make a selection on, then cross check these with Trip Advisor. Usually my decision is made by this stage. Happy travels!