Day 18 Blog June – What I did today (Mark II)

I thought I would do another What I did today posts to contrast today, with last Saturday, as they were totally different. So far it is 6.48pm and I have only done 3712 steps.

So what I have done today.

  • My alarm went off at 5.30am as normal. Stayed in bed for 5 minutes before getting up to pee. Decided I wasn’t really up for parkrun today so went back to bed. Mr A is starting to get a cold so he stayed in bed too. No parkrun for us this morning.
  • Slept in til 9am, got up had breakfast and a shower (Miss A joined me as well, the joys of parenthood). Spent some time lazing around catching up on social media.
  • Went out with Mr A and Miss A.
  • First to a bike shop so Mr A could pick up some tape he ordered. Miss A and I stayed in the car.
  • Then we went to our friend’s new cafe Wiseguy Espresso and Schnitzel Bar for lunch. The Royale with Cheese schnitzel burger I had was delicious. Thanks Denis and Lena. If you are on the northside of Brisbane do yourself a favour and check this place out.
Royale with cheese schnitzel burger

Royale with cheese schnitzel burger.

  • Went to a shopping centre. Bought some groceries, party decorations for Miss A’s upcoming birthday party, a sewing magazine and a cake decorating magazine.
  • Then dropped of some bike supplies to a friend of Mr A. Again Miss A and I stayed in the car.
  • Came home. Wanted to nap but didn’t. Ended up vegging out in the spare room watching Playground Poltics and When I get a Minute on ABC iview and cake decorating videos on YouTube on the tablet. I have become a fan of Zoes Fancy Cakes.
  • Miss A came in several times and I had to stop watching at one point and help her draw the letter ‘b’.
  • Miss A then decided she wanted to watch cake decorating videos with me. She ended up falling asleep on my lap while watching this one of how to make an Elsa cake topper. A daytime sleep is unusual for her but she does have a little cold at the moment so she isn’t feeling 100%.

  • Let Miss A sleep for a while so I went and had a coffee and started a crossword puzzle in the latest Mindfood magaizine. My new magazine favourite.
  • Enjoyed more Miss A cuddles while watching her favourite shows Peppa Pig and Go Jetters while Mr A cooked a lazy dinner of toasted sandwiches and prawn hargow.
  • Printed out pictures of the Go Jetters characters in preparation for making cake toppers of them for Miss A’s birthday cake. After watching the YouTube videos this afternoon I am fairly confident I can make them look at least how they are supposed to. Luckily each character is basic shapes with not a lot of detail. Well not as much as Elsa in the video above.
  • Read Miss A a bedtme story and laid down with her while she muttered about how dogs cough and cry; the street sweeping machines in Melbourne we saw while on holidays earlier in the year; saying she wanted to go on holidays to Africa, China and to visit Mr A’s Aunt in Ireland; and being on a rocket going to to the moon. It seems her mind may work like mine when trying to go to sleep, all random thoughts jumbled together. Poor child.
  • Finishing this post and then I am about to go and watch a bit of TV before bed. I really need to make a birthday card for another 4th birthday party tomorrow but that can wait until the morning now.

So a less busy day but still enjoyable.

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One thought on “Day 18 Blog June – What I did today (Mark II)

  1. Lisa S

    Two things had me stumped and had to Google. First – prawn hargow – had no idea …but when saw a picture it all made sense (and made me want one – now!). Next – Go Jetters – wow, it doesn’t take long to get all out of touch with the latest kids’ shows! I’m all caught up now haha 🙂