We read to know we are not alone

Since writing my previous blog post the quote “We read to know we are not alone” from C.S. Lewis has been going around in my head. I first read that quote in my late teens and it resonated with me immediately. It seems only fitting that I write about it today on the 50th anniversary of C.S. Lewis’ death.

Thank you for all of the comments I received on Twitter, Facebook and on my blog about my previous post. I certainly was not aware how many people hate answering the phone.  I am definitely not alone in this. So thanks to the internet and the rise of self-publishing and social networks we are able to read more and more about others which definitely helps to know we are not alone.

Now onto C.S. Lewis. Why did I not know he was born in Belfast?  and Why did I not know there was a statue of him and the wardrobe in East Belfast? Thanks Wikipedia. Must remedy this by a visit to the statue when we next go to Belfast. Another reason to visit Aunty Yvonne and family again (better start saving).

Now for another reveal the about the real rachwray. I am very sensitive. I cry easily. Mostly when stressed (more about that in another post I think). But also while reading, watching TV and movies. I cry a lot when watching Shadowlands, the film about C.S. Lewis and Joy Gresham. Not just during the really sad parts, but in some of the happy parts too, in anticipation, because I know there are sad parts coming up too. Odd, but that’s just me. I have accepted I am sensitive and I cry easily. It has taken many years and it has only been in recent years but I understand why I cry and I am no longer ashamed. Knowing that other people are just as sensitive has helped with this too.

Now I’m off to play the Doctor Who Google Doodle.