Planning and structure

We are half way through the month of June and I am still blogging. I have missed a few days but not too many to contemplate giving up all together. Well done me. I also have not blogged about my plans for the rest of the year. So here it is.

Since finishing uni last year and over the past few months I have come to realize that for me to achieve anything, or even feel like I am achieving anything I need to have structure and deadlines. I work best to deadlines, especially when I leave things to the last minute. I can go day to day without doing much but I found that when I have given myself a deadline to work towards, e.g. a to do list of things to do in the 3 days before going on holidays; or a list of chores to do while Miss A is asleep because friends are coming over; I am super productive.

So I have decided to put this into use with the quest to find out more about myself which I blogged about in 23 signs you are secretly an introvert. I am dedicating each of the following 6 months (July to December) to different aspects of my life in order to find out more about myself. So far July will be career month, where I will update my cv, the professional pages on this website I have been meaning to write, and do a few other career related tasks. I think I will also have a financial month to learn more about money matters and my financial health (so to speak). I haven’t completely decided on the other 4 aspects but I will by the end of this month.

So by the end of the year I am hoping that not only will I know more about myself, and improve some areas of my life, I will have got into the habit of creating and achieving short term goals. This will also provide the fodder for regular blog posts to keep my blogging up. Sounds like a good plan to me.