On the tenth day of Christmas

On the tenth day of Christmas it was hot.

I don’t cope well with the heat. My body and brain don’t function as well as they normally do even if I stay in air conditioning as much as possible and drink plenty of fluids. I am not a beach person and can think of nothing worse than spending all day outside when it is hot, even if the water is cool. The thought of being outside did not appeal to me at all. My ideal temperatures are 22 to 27 degrees.

So even though in reality it wasn’t that bad, and the temperature didn’t reach the maximum predicted 35 degrees I did not go anywhere. I spent most of the day in my living room watching television and trying to keep an active toddler who likes to be outside, inside in just 2 rooms of the house. I managed it but was so thankful when Mr A came home form work.

Tomorrow is forecast to be even hotter, so yet again I plan to stay inside in the air conditioning. Do you like the heat or do you prefer the cold?


2 thoughts on “On the tenth day of Christmas

  1. Katerina Morson

    I hate the heat! I dread this season because there is always something going on and i always have to think to myself ( just how much am i going to suffer today if the event is outside and there is no air con).
    So i go, and wait for it to end…..and all my friends seem to be loving the heat! although, after reading your posts i am begging in to think that we should talk more!