On the fifth day of Christmas

On the fifth day of Christmas I shopped.

It wasn’t a long shop, just a few hours.

I had a mission. And I achieved it, surprisingly.

I needed new shorts. I have plenty of daggy, around the house shorts, but my supply of shorts that are good enough to wear out in public was dwindling.

I live in ¬†shorts. I am definitely a pants and shorts kind of gal. I like dresses and skirts and I do own some but I don’t wear them much, especially in summer (except to work). I don’t like the feeling of sweat running down my inner thighs (or the chafing). I am very much set in my ways when it comes to clothing and shoes. I am particular about the fabrics and styles I wear, not so much colours though, but this does tend to make my wardrobe quite boring. I may expand on this further in another post sometime.

Therefore when it comes to shopping I have a clear idea in my head about what I want. Usually this means I cannot get what I want, especially when specifically looking for it, because it is not ‘in’ this season, not made or whatever. So I was quite surprised to find 2 pairs of shorts that fitted my criteria, one red, one navy and both on sale.

I left the shops a happy woman.