Music, comedy and trivia

Tonight’s post is just a quick filler post as I haven’t thought about what to write.

Today is Wednesday and for me that means 2 episodes of Spicks and Specks, the old and the new, the original and the replacement. The show combines 3 things I really like, music, comedy and trivia. I love the original Spicks and Specks with Adam, Myf and Alan and watch the repeats on ABC2 most nights, partial or in full, while having dinner. But I have persevered with the new version and it is growing on me. The chemistry isn’t the same, and the hosts are still a bit forceful but I like it. Adam Richard is my favourite of the 3 hosts. Some of his comments really crack me up. It was also good to know a little more about him from having read about him in Corinne Grant’s book Lessons in letting go: Confessions of a hoarder.

I have so many favourite  Spicks and Specks moments but I thought I would share with you one of my all time favourites, Ivan Brackenbury Hospital Radio DJ. This cracks me up every time.

Spicks and Specks: Ivan Brackenbury | Get Well Soon – Ep 25, 2010 – YouTube.