Longevity and loyalty

Today I found out that my personal trainer is leaving my gym and I will be getting a new trainer.

This got me thinking. I have been living in the same location since 2005. I have been going to the same hair salon, gym and medical centre since 2006 or 2007. During this time I have had 3 hair dressers, 6 personal trainers and 3 regular doctors.

Is there a reason for this? ┬áDo people working in service professions stay in positions for short periods of time or is it just that I am as an employee of the same organisation for over 15 years (albeit in 4 different main roles) an anomaly in today’s work culture?

2 thoughts on “Longevity and loyalty

  1. Lahnee Lemke

    Wow Thats amazing work ethic rach, i didnt know you had been at the same workplace for 15 years that shows you have so much loyalty.

    Abi has a great role model and what a fantastic trait to instill

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