Living in a toddler household

Random thoughts from my brain.

When you live in a house with a toddler you never know where you are going to find things. Things get left all over the house with no rhyme or reason.

Each night when Miss A is showered by Mr A I do a tidy of the house, mainly to clear the lounge room of toys. Tonight there were no toys in the lounge room to put away but I did find:

a pair of my shoes in the middle of the dining room floor,
a baby doll on my bedroom floor,
a cake pop making kit beside the back door, and
a pair of Miss A’s slippers under the dining room table.

This was only the work of 1 toddler in 1 day. I can’t imagine how anybody with more than 1 child ever keeps things in the right place? I may not be a housework nazi or even a clean freak but I do like things to have a home.