Inspirational sources or why I love Pinterest

I make cards.  I also dabble (or plan to dabble) in other forms of paper crafts  like scrapbooking and altered books.

This is my main creative outlet. I can make pretty things without having to be really good at drawing or painting.
Beautiful paper, card, stickers, bling  and tools such as punches and decorative scissors provide a great base. All I need to do is apply some colour and pattern design sense to make it all come together in a finished product.

Normally coming up with the design takes me longer than making the card itself.  Previously I would get my design ideas from magazines. Each time I had to make a card I would scour half a dozen issues until an idea was formed. I never make a card exactly the same as one I see in a picture. I always adapt to suit the paper and other supplies I have at hand.

I have been subscribing to the Australian Cardmaking Stamping and Papercraft magazine for years now. But my current sub is coming to an end soon and I am not going to renew it. A big decision for the magazine-aholic that I am.

Now I have a new source of inspiration – Pinterest. Well newish. I was a relatively late comer to Pinterest. I resisted its call at first as I’d heard how addictive it was. But in 2012 when I was on maternity leave I signed up. It has been a constant source of inspiration since.

Before I make a new card I peruse my Pinterest boards or search for new pins. I have started using new techniques and supplies for my cards as a result of Pinterest. There are also a lot more techniques I have found on Pinterest I’d like to try if only I had the time.

Card collage

Collage of some of my cards

I have found inspiration for other things on Pinterest as well. The design for Miss A’s first birthday cake was from Pinterest. So too was the design for the invitation for her 2nd birthday party.

I also use Pinterest if  I want to look for cards, or clothing ideas, craft ideas,  activities for Miss A, hair colours, costumes, sewing, crochet or recipes.  I recently learnt how to better apply eye shadow from pins I discovered on Pinterest. I now go to Pinterest first before conducting a general Google search. I like the basic subject classifications (although sometimes it is clearly skewed), the absence of blatant product ads and the crafty home-madey feel that Pinterest boards provide.  Since joining in 2012, I have created 62 boards and have 2703 pins.

And when all is wrong with the world I have my feel good Cute animals board to cheer me up.


2 thoughts on “Inspirational sources or why I love Pinterest

  1. Cath Sheard

    A fellow crafter – yay! I like Pinterest too. I just borrowed a friend’s envelope board and am in love … turning Gelli Prints into envelopes is *such* fun 🙂