If only…

If only I had the energy of a toddler.

Yesterday was the first of the many 2nd birthday parties we will attend of the next month.

It was a lovely afternoon spent with old and new friends and their offspring to celebrate the big achievement of turning two. The parents of the birthday boy made a wise decision to hold the party in a church hall in their street. This is also the location of a playgroup, so toys and play equipment came with the deal. Instant entertainment.

The 10+ kids in attendance had a ball, playing on the slides, swings, trampoline, pushing around dolls in prams (both the boys and girls enjoyed this) and playing with the other numerous toys available. I don’t know how they do it? I guess an average of 10-12 hours sleep a night plus an hour or so day time sleep helps. Plus a bit of sugar from nutella fairy bread, juice, fruit and cake ¬†and you have enough to fuel to keep you going and going and going.

I sure wish I had that much energy again. We came home form the party and I was exhausted. Too tired to blog.