Exercise, a love hate relationship

Sport was never a large part of my life growing up. I did play sport at school, sometimes, when I couldn’t avoid it but it was never high on my agenda. My only non-school sport involvement was a brief dabble with gymnastics when I was about 9 or 10 (as most girls do, well that or ballet) and a season of netball when I was 13.  I did do Latin American dancing for a couple of years in my mid twenties and I did get a little fitter then but it was more the social aspect that kept me going. I also did pilates for a year or 2 as well.

I have also never been a gym junkie despite being a member of a gym for the last 7 or so years. Most of my gym visits in the past have been for personal training, otherwise I would never go. My usual attendance is once a week for my pt session and that is it. I have done a few classes, a boxing class here or there, body combat occasionally, a few zumba classes (but I’m too uncoordinated for that) and the odd pilates class.

But despite the sometimes longish commitment I applied to these activities I never became really addicted. I could always find excuses not to go to the gym and although I did get the endorphin high after exercise it was not enough to keep me going back any more regularly.

But I am now in a different head space. For the last month or so of 2013 I noticed a change in my thinking. It was like my mind has been slowly gearing up for the extra commitment I need to make before my body had said yes I am ready to go. It is not something I have ever felt or though before.

So I am now ready and willing to go the extra mile. Put in the extra work to get a fitter and leaner me. I am already fairly strong thanks to my pt sessions as I tend to do quite a bit of weights. But my cardiovascular fitness has always let me down.

I plan to go to the gym twice a week to begin with, and so far I have done just that. Last week I completed the cardio program my trainer set for me and it was a challenge but I got there, as well as my usual pt session. This week I did a boxing class and although I will miss my pt session I will go again and do the cardio workout again.

I have also started the 30 day arm challenge and the 30 day ab and squat challenge that are doing the rounds of the internet to focus on some of my problem areas. To my amazement, 9 days in I am really enjoying them. It also gives me incentive to stretch more after I do these exercises which I should do more of.

So who knows 2014 may be the year I begin a love affair with exercise.



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