End of blogjune

The month of June is drawing to a close. Boy did it go quick.
I may not have blogged every day in June but I did manage 20 posts. Wow. That is more than I expected.
This last week I have been slack and not blogged so here is a quick wrap up of my week.
  • Wednesday – went to an eighties themed trivia night at my gym. Was on a table of ladies from the crèche and another mum. We tied for first with another table. They called me their secret weapon. I may have answered quite a few of the questions. My prize was unlimited functional fit training for July.
  • Thursday – a busy day at work getting ready for a major transition that happened today. Fighting a mild head cold.
  • Friday – my regular pt session at the gym. I seem to have my exercise mojo back despite aforementioned cold. Had a visit from my lovely colleague Bonnie. Did some work while Miss A slept.
  • Saturday – slept in (thanks Mr A), grocery shopping. Ladies night out with 4 other mums. We went to a new dessert cocktail bar at Southbank called Cowch. Great evening, late night, home at 1am.
  • Sunday – spent the morning at Tallebudgera where Mr A took part in a bike ride on his penny farthing. Lovely afternoon nap. More work at night, then watched Silent Witness. I love forensic pathology crime shows.

So I actually had some semblance of a social life last week, and no birthday parties.

I am so tired right now and could happily crawl into bed right now but I have to tidy the house and make the bed in the spare room in preparation for my parents visit tomorrow.

Thanks for all the comments and encouragement during #blogjune. I have enjoyed the challenge. Now it’s time for #commentjuly. My RSS feeds in Feedly are out of control.