Do the shuffle

I have a 35 minute bus trip to work and back each day (on a good day). So in order to pass the time I listen to music on my phone or iPod, usually on shuffle. I like an eclectic range of music so I never know what is going to come up next. I like most genre’s of music, except for the extremes, i.e. I like some heavy metal but not the hard core death metal. I like some dance music but not the thump thump with hardly any words type. I like country, rock, ┬ápop, celtic, classical, folk etc etc. I probably have at least one or two CDs from each music genre, not that I am really good at naming the genre an artist performs in.

This morning I decided to keep a list of the songs I listened to on my way to work. They were:

  • Need you now – Lady Antebellum
  • Neopolitan dreams – Lisa Mitchell
  • Nerva beacon infrastructure and t-mat couch -Dick Mills (from Doctor Who)
  • Never alone – 3JS (The Netherlands – Eurovision 2011)
  • Never forget – Greta Salome & Jonsi (Iceland – Eurovision 2012)
  • New adventures – Murray Gold (from Doctor Who)
  • New tomorrow – A Friend in London (Denmark – Eurovision 2011)
  • Nije ljubav stvar – Zeljko Joksimovic (Serbia – Eurovision 2012)
  • No one – Maya Keuc (Slovenia – Eurovision 2011)
  • No prejudice – Polloponk (Iceland – Eurovision 2014)
  • Nobody but me – Blake Shelton

It began as such an eclectic mix I didn’t realise until I started writing down the names that I was actually just playing songs in alphabetical order.

I was wondering what my musical taste says about me so I just did a quick online survey called the Do-Re-Mi’s of Personality What you music tastes say about you. This is my result. It is somewhat correct but not very insightful. Oh well. Maybe I will look into this further. Or maybe not and just enjoy my varied musical taste.


Postscript: On further inspection of the personality test I did I found out it was created by Jeff Potter. His book Cooking for Geeks is one I have long coveted. What a coincidence!

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