Day 30 Blog June – Reflection

Woo hoo. I made it. 30 posts under my belt in June for the first time ever.

I really enjoyed writing the posts. Some I have thought about and have written notes in preparation (e.g. Day 12 Blog June – Ennui) , others have come to me on the day (e.g Day 9 Blog June – Brain fog), and some have been in response to other people’s blogs (e.g. Day 27 Blog June – Monday meme). But I have not been thinking too much about who is reading my posts when I write them but just writing them for me. Well except for Day 6 Blog June – Organisation when I specifically crowd-sourced information. Thanks so much to those who did comment on that post or even wrote a post (or more ) of their own in response. I think I have a plan now on how to be more organised. This can be a July task.

I have also enjoyed reading and commenting on everyone else’s blogs. I have enjoyed an insight into the life of Kate, what motivates Sharon to run and the journeys of Sally and Hoi in art school. Also, KRidwyn has enlightened me on so many new books. Out of your 30 must read books I have only read a couple of Jane Austen, a couple of the Chronicles of Narnia series and 2 Shakespeare plays.

I have also managed to read and comment on more people’s blogs this year than I have in the past as well. I guess not being busy at work has helped me to do this.

I have thoroughly enjoyed the reinvigoration #blogjune has given me with my PLN. I have missed these conversations and interactions over the past few years. I think I will duck my head back into Twitter with a bit more regularity now, but not to the point of drowning.

An added bonus of #blogjune is that I now remember my passwords for my blog, Facebook, Twitter, and Feedly that I had previously forgotten.

More importantly, through #blogjune I have proved to myself that if I make a goal I can stick to it. I just have to prioritize and plan for it. I think I will try and blog at least once a month from now on. I think that is achievable.

Thanks everyone who has contributed to #blogjune this year by reading my posts, commenting on my posts or on Twitter or Facebook or writing their own posts. It has been a great month.

2 thoughts on “Day 30 Blog June – Reflection

  1. Kate

    I’ve loved reading your blog this month Rach. Your posts have been great. And like you, I’ve really enjoyed reconnecting with people and plan to be around Twitter more again as a result.

    Looking forward to more posts from you!

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