Day 29 Blog June – 7 things I’m loving right now (and some I’m not)

It’s all down here from now. The finish line is in sight. Only 2 posts to go.

After not being able to come up with 7 things I’m loving right now on Monday, I have been giving it some more thought and I think I have 7 things. Thanks again Kate and Con for the inspiration.

  1. My haircut. I tried to grow my hair. It didn’t even get to my shoulders. I used to spend a lot of my day pulling it back behind my head. It was long enough for a pony tail, well more of a piggy tail but it never stayed neat for long so I only wore it tied back while exercising. I even resorted to putting a bull dog clip in it last week at work. Now it is just below my ears, only about 2 inches shorter, but it feels so much better and looks so much fuller. Long hair is not for me.
  2. Flex time at mpow. The ability to have flexible start and finish times and accrue time off is fantastic. If I need to schedule appointments before or after work I can. Or I can just leave early if I don’t feel like being there any longer.
  3. The music from the tv show Nashville. I have recently bought 2 of the soundtracks on CD (The Music of Nashville Season 3 Volume 1 and The Music of Nashville Season 3 Volume 2  (yes I still buy CDs) and I have put them on my phone to listen to on my way to and from work. I love the music. It is easy to listen to and reminds of the different scenes from the series when the songs featured. I have always been a fan of soundtracks.
  4. Watching Miss A’s facial expressions. She is really expressive, especially when watching tv. She makes me smile and laugh. I wish I could photograph them all but I don’t think she would let me.
  5. The bone pens I got from a vendor at a recent conference. They are a nice fine point and the shape just fits nicely in my hand.

    Bone pen.

    Conference booty -bone pen.

  6. Annabel Crabb. I am becoming a bit of a fan girl. I love the Chat 10 Looks 3 podcast she does with Leigh Sales. It regularly has me laughing out loud on the bus. Her cook book Special Delivery is great (and I have an autographed copy). I have only made 3 of the recipes so far myself but have tasted more thanks to a colleague at work. And Kitchen Cabinet has been a way of introducing me to politics, which I am slowly getting more interested in. Plus the article she wrote recently on the National Disability Insurance Scheme is one of the best articles I have read for a while.
  7. Blog June. I have really loved writing again. Also the connection it brings with my pln across Australia and New Zealand has been great. It has also been nice ‘meeting’ new people online.

Now for a couple of things I’m not loving.

  1. I like the colder weather, but not when I cannot get warm, and even more so, the effect it has on my skin. The last few days my hands and lips have been like sandpaper. No amount of moisturiser seems to help. Now my legs have joined in and are so dry they itch.
  2. The fact mpow does not have tea towels (don’t ask why!!!). Anyway, trying to dry a plate with paper towels is an exercise in patience.
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One thought on “Day 29 Blog June – 7 things I’m loving right now (and some I’m not)

  1. Lisa Spencer

    In the last half hour i have just finished listening to the entire Chat 10 Looks 3 backfile after you had mentioned it a week or so ago. Love it!!!! (But wahhh now I need to wait fir a new episode) I also downloaded the cookbook through the local library yesterday arvo, and last night made the apricot slice for Andrew to take to a work function today. Well, i made 2 actually and have also been nibbling it all day long.