Day 26 Blog June – My baby is no longer a baby

5 days of #blogjune to go and I am starting to fatigue. But I can do it. Today’s post will be short though.

Next Sunday is Miss A’s birthday party and so we spent a lot of today preparing for the party and for the impending arrival of my parents. Having a party gives us the impetus to do all the little things around the house that need doing.

2 days after the party Miss A will turn 4. My little baby is no longer a baby.

I have known this for a while obviously but today a couple of little, amost insignificant things made it all real.

We bought Miss A a new pair of running shoes. They were a size 11. For some reason this hit me more than buying her size 4 or 5 clothes.

I looked up the car seat regulations for children in Queensland and they change for children aged 4+. They can move up to a booster seat (height determined). In just over a week my baby no longer needs to use her current car seat. The same car seat she has had since she was about 9 months old and had to be rear facing. Whether we actually change her car seat straight away is not the point. It is that we can.



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