Day 2 – Post-Christmas slump

I didn’t feel like writing yesterday. I didn’t feel like doing anything at all. I did of course as life goes on.

I was feeling quite flat. I think it was a combination of things that made me feel this way. 3 months of full-time work catching up on me. I hadn’t worked full-time since May 2012. The pre-Christmas lead-up and expectations. A house full of noise that 8 adults and 5 kids can make celebrating on┬áChristmas Eve. Having house guests even if they are my parents. 4 adults and a toddler in a small house can be a bit much sometimes. Add in a couple of early mornings and absence of a nap yesterday.

Anyway, a 2 hour sleep today and an hour or so of alone time has refreshed me so I am ready to tackle the world, well maybe just some of the tasks I planned to do during my Christmas break.

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