Day 2 Blog June – School night outing

On Monday night this week I was lucky enough to see Clare Bowen in concert. Thanks so much to my fellow Librarians @JenThomas4 and @NairarbilTUQ for letting me tag along with you, or should I say thank you to Jen’s SIL who pulled out so that I could take her ticket.

I don’t normally go out during the week, so even now 3 days later I am still paying for it by being a little tired. I got 5 ½ hours sleep that night instead of my usually 7 ½ to 8.

For those of you who do not know who Clare Bowen is, she is an Australian actress/singer who is in the American tv show Nashville. I first started watching Nashville late last year after picking up the DVD of the first season on a whim in a buy 2 get 1 free deal. I was immediately hooked and devoured the first 3 seasons within weeks. I am yet to watch season 4 (so no spoilers please anyone) and am disappointed to hear that the show has recently been cancelled by the American ABC network. Hopefully it will be picked up by another network #bringbacknashville. The show is a musical drama series set in you guessed Nashville featuring the lives of several fictitious country music stars. Clare stars as a poet and singer/songwriter.

The concert was fantastic. I really enjoyed myself. I haven’t seen much live music in the last few years so it was good to get out there again. The venue was a renovated WW2 vintage aircraft hangar called The Triffid and with a crowd of approximately 800 people it was fairly intimate which added to the atmosphere.

Clare is a great singer and songwriter as is her brother Timothy Bowen who joined her on stage. They featured some of the music from the tv show as well as their own compositions. I will definitely be buying her album whenever it is released.

I will leave you with a clip from the show. This was the song Clare opened the concert with, aided by her also incredibly talented fiancé Brandon Young.