Day 17 Blog June – Creative talents

From reading other people’s #blogjune posts it is clear there is a lot of talented creative people out there in the information profession.

I am loving Sally’s Index-Card-A-Day posts .  So colourful. I think No. 7 is my favourite so far. Thanks for sharing these and your other work from art school.

I have been an admirer of Hoi’s cat drawings for some time now  She is so talented.

Thank you Sally and Hoi for sharing your art school journeys with us. I admire people who follow their dreams like you have even if it means making sacrifices.

Jo’s sketching is amazing. What more can I say but wow.

Lisa’s doodling is fun to see as well. Thanks for sharing your doodling journey. I like Wet weekend. How did you manage to get the toes looking so real? I am starting to be inspired to try doodling myself. Maybe one day.

I have always been slightly jealous of people who can draw and paint. These days I struggle to draw things for Miss A when she asks. I can draw a butterfly and a teddy bear but that is about it.

My brother can draw and paint (cue sibling jealousy). I remember when I was in high school he just whipped up a drawing of a military helicopter with ease for me to accompany a poetry assignment on war. I have a couple of his paintings at home. This was the first one he gave me.

Bear painting

Bear painting by my brother.

I still have creative pursuits that don’t involve drawing and painting though. I like making cards and I dabble in scrapbooking, with plans to do more. I like combining colours and patterns and I have to get them just right. The wrong shade of white can make a big difference. I seem to have settled into my ‘own’ style, less stamping and use of stickers and more embossing and use of die cuts. I get a lot of inspiration from Pinterest.

I want to dedicate some time to play and try new techniques. Lord knows I have enough supplies to do it, especially since I have recently inherited a lot from Mr A’s grandmother (who is not dead but can no longer make cards) and a friend (and former Creative Memories consultant) who is moving and has had a big clean out.

I haven’t made as many cards in the past year or so as I would like. I still bust my gut each year to make all of my Christmas cards though (only because I leave it so late to start them). These days I would rather not send/give a card than buy one. Even Mr A has got on the card making wagon. I really enjoy getting his creative outputs on my birthday, our anniversary and mother’s day.

Thanks to parent’s group and a few family birthdays June/July is a big birthday time in our family. So I will be making a few more cards over the next few weeks. Maybe I will watch some You Tube videos and try out some new techniques.

Here is the last card I made last weekend.

4th birthday card

4th birthday card.


2 thoughts on “Day 17 Blog June – Creative talents

  1. Sally

    Thanks Rachel 🙂 🙂

    I started drawing again in 2013, when I was trying to come up with ideas for crafty gifts. I doodled some simple flowers that I then cut from felt. I think that was probably the first thing I’d drawn since high school (over 20 years before!). I certainly never thought I would end up doing an arts course just a few years later!

    It’s hard not to compare ourselves with others. I struggle with self doubt every day in this course, as I look at other people’s talent and find myself wanting. But I keep going, because I’ll never know what I’m capable of if I don’t give it a try.

    I love that you are finding your own voice in your creative pursuits. It doesn’t need to be drawing or painting, as long as you enjoy it and the process of creating 🙂

  2. Lisa S

    I haven’t followed many other blogjune blogs this year but I do remember Sally’s ICAD posts from previous years. It had prompted me to subscribe to the FB (?) group …but it was all too overwhelming for me. I think I did one card? I’ve just tracked Sally down on IG though, and subscribed – those brush drawings are very cool 🙂

    Rachel I can’t draw either (haha as you’ll know from my posts hehehe) …but I love the challenge of a little something to do everyday, and I think the daily practice has helped at least with confidence. I drew a duck today – woohoo! Oh man – Thomas’ toes – I must admit that doodle was one of the very few I used lead pencil for first ….it is my favourite one though.

    Final comment: “…who is not dead” …hilarious 🙂 …but how wonderful to inherit craft supplies #woohoo Also – “less stamping and use of stickers” … oh yeah, I hear you there. Love your Lego card.