Day 11 Blog June – What I did today

It is 8pm and I feel like I have only just stopped for the day. My fitbit stats reflect this as I have done 18,699 steps so far and have done 9 hours with more than 250 steps per hour.

Morning sunrise.

Morning sunrise.

So what have I done.

  • Up at 5.40am, breakfast and quick shower and all 3 family members out the door at 6.20am to go to parkrun.
  • Picked up a nephew Master J to take him to parkrun too.
  • Admired the beautiful pink and orange sunrise on the way.
  • Completed parkrun in 46:43 with a combination of walking and running. Not a pb but an improvement on the last few months. Was happy to also beat Wayne Swan (my federal member). The election really is in full swing.
  • Went to a nearby park to have coffee and cake for a friend’s birthday (postponed from last Saturday due to the rain). Miss A and Master J had fun playing in the park.
  • Visited Mr A’s Gran in her nursing home. Something we usually do after each parkrun.
  • Went to Aldi to pick up a few groceries. I was quite restrained and only bought one miscellaneous item – a icing pallette knife.
  • Came home and had another shower.
  • Made knackwurst hot dogs for lunch. Delicious. I love a good german sausage.
  • Walked to our nearby Westfield shopping centre. Bought a birthday present for a friend,  a mattress protector and a new steam mop. We were given an old one last year and I have found it great to use on our wooden floors. So much easier than using a mop and bucket.
  • Mr A, Miss A and Master J walked home leaving me to continue with some child-free shopping time. Had a look at planners in Kikki K and elsewhere but didn’t find anything that I liked. Will probably end up buying something online.
  • Enjoyed a nice piece of carrot cake (I can’t resist cream cheese icing) and coffee to rest my weary legs.
  • Walked home to an empty house. Mr A and Miss A were off on a bike ride with Master J.
  • Started watching tutorials on how to make cake toppers out of fondant and gum paste in preparation for making Miss A’s birthday cake in a few weeks.
  • Enjoyed cuddles and a chat with Miss A while we waited for our takeaway pizza.
  • Made a birthday card for our friend Master R for his 4th birthday tomorrow.
  • Writing this on the tablet while watching House Hunters (our usual Saturday night viewing).
Coffee and cake

Coffee and cake.

Tomorrow will hopefully be less busy but I do know it will involve  house work. At least it will start with a birthday breakfast for Master R.